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hitting is contagious
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this team will get it turned around.  the have good pitching. the hitting will come around. at least with the emergence of schneider (who cancels vinny's bat, because when vinny was good schneider wasnt), johnson getting healthy, guillen is feast or famine and is due for a feast, vidro is good enough (although he had 3 hits one night then lazy flies the next).  and dare i say it, maybe guzman.  he doesnt have to be great, but if he can hit .235 over the rest of the season (lest we hope .260), that is .050 more in your lineup.  i'm only saying this because he has been hitting lately (even though he has been hot at times before, when boswell proclaimed him "back") and there is that suspect revelation about people telling him to go back to his minnesota approach after 4 months of .185.

and if guzman starts hitting, that has to get everyone else hitting.  they gotta say to themselves "if HE can hit, then i can hit".  

and confidence flows through the team

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hitting is contagious
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I agree with you in theory tho the rate of contagion seems awful slow on the Nats :)

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hitting is contagious
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