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Re: Nationals @ Padres, Game 3
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He might be the scapegoat as far as the head office is concerned...but I think most people know what kind of peice of crap they gave Acta to work with.

You never know, but I have the impression that most of the pitching decisions are by design and not really a surprise. They said up front that some pitchers would be pulled early. And at the same time, they want to leave a guy like Chico out there to take some lumps and maybe leave him in a little longer to see him try and battle back out of trouble. It's a lab experiment in so many ways. God knows tonight's lineup is. We may see Fick's days numbered as well as Casto v2 (see Langerhans trade, etc.). It's hard not to believe that Fick dealing with his dying mother hasn't affected him. It's sad.