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Re: Follow the Prospects: Juan Soto, OF
« Reply #50: May 03, 2017, 11:29:17 AM »
I'm gonna be pretty salty if we trade away premium position prospects for RP this season, to bolster - I'm gonna be pretty dark here - a team that has had the talent to win a World Series for 4 years and has underachieved every year.

This team has the talent to win, and if they want to choke another playoff series away there aren't enough RP out there that can stop them. Meanwhile, the team would be trading away young guys who are doing REALLY well like Robles, Kieboom, Stevenson, Soto who are potentially the core of a lineup that DOES NOT CHOKE.

I understand people disagreeing if they believe that we have a 2-year window, but I just don't think that's the case. I believe we'll only have a 2-year window if we trade away the really premium prospects we have left for RP, and I'm not sure the core of this team has done enough in the playoffs to warrant that kind of further investment.

In my opinion it's time to man up, use all the talent on this roster, and freaking win. Not spend another year jettisoning future talent and making excuses.

we've got a bit of a jam in the OF.  There's one open slot next year, presumably filled by Robles or Stevenson.  If Harper leaves in 2019, that opens another.  If we extend him, we've got Eaton and Harper at the corners through the end of 2021, if Robles is in CF, there's no room for Soto or Stevenson, so one of them is trade bait.

Kieboom is probably not here until 2019 when he could potentially step in for Rendon at 3rd (moving Rendon to 2b) or take over 2b from Murphy, so I'd be more reluctant to trade him.    But at this point, I wouldn't have any problem with trading Soto or Stevenson for a RP who could help us now.