Author Topic: Any Gamers Out There With Recording Devices? NEED HELP  (Read 1159 times)

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Bought my 13 year old son an AVerMedia gaming recording device and he can't seem to get it to work on the XBox1.  We bought the XBox prior to them coming equipped with recording devices installed and there is no Kinect either.  Plus, he needed something that was portable since the XBox is nowhere near his gaming desktop.  Plus, he wants to record videos longer than the 5 minutes XBox allows anyway.

Once we figured out the SD Card and got that formatted, we tried hooking it up to the XBox and it still wont work.  We did try hooking it up to the family's WiiU and it works on that.

Apparently there is something called HDCP content on the XBox that won't allow for recording devices?  Is that true?  Can we disable that?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated because I have tried researching online all weekend and came up with a few solutions that didn't work for us.  And AVerMedia wants us to fill out a form and they will contact us via e-mail (not very user friendly if you ask me....).