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Canadian Bacon
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I've seen enough of Wilkerson.  He's a hot-and-cold hitter who strikes out far too often and will never be disciplined enough to be adequate in the leadoff spot.    As a fan north of the border, I offer up this package from your former cousin:

Orlando Hudson, Eric Hinske and Reed Johnson for Brad Wilkerson and Jose Vidro.

Johnson and Hudson are high-energy guys who would ignite the offence at the top.  Hinske could move to 3rd and take over from the ailing Castilla.  Moving Wilkerson and Vidro also trim some salary space for us to do more manoeuvring in the offseason.

My wish under the August moon.

mar (AKA pasqual AKA JMG)

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Canadian Bacon
« Reply #1: August 04, 2005, 04:00:44 PM »
I dunno if this solves a lot of the Nats big problems.

I love Hudson's D but really isn't clear if he can hit MLB pitching at the level you expect at 2B (and Nats already have a guy in Guzman who experienced a significant dropoff going from 81+ on turf to RFK). If Hudson could play SS his hitting looks to be about at the level you tolerate but I don't think he ever has minors or majors.

I haven't seen a lot of his games, but from the little I've seen, not sure Hinske can play 3rd.

Who is supposed to be the leadoff hitter in the bunch to replace Wilkie? Wilkie is a very weird leadoff hitter but his .350+ OBP is among the top 10 in the league for leadoff hitters. Plus Nats may have a legit MLB ready leadoff hitter with speed in the minors in the person of Brandon Watson (.370 BA with an OBP somewhere around .430 and 28 SB's) so what do they need Johnson for?

I would not be all that surprised to see a Wilkie-Vidro (or Wilkie-Church) package trade go down in the offseason, but I think it will more likely be for a real monster power guy (which may require a decent prospect too).