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Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
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do you have a better alternative, judging by your criticism above, bud black certainly falls far short? I'm not excited about baker, but people are acting like we're losing Connie Mack for Baker

Bud Black, or really almost anyone.  Baker has consistently failed to do much with very talented teams.  There is no reason to expect that a man who has failed three times with the task of getting talented teams over the playoff hump would succeed a fourth time.  Go back and look at some of those rosters.  Black did as well as could be expected with that steaming pile in San Diego, and his replacement did worse.  He's hardly a world-beater, but he's not been given the opportunity that Baker has screwed up repeatedly and is now being given again.  It's amazing.  What's next, hiring Marv Levy to coach in the Super Bowl?