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Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
« Reply #50: November 03, 2015, 09:44:35 AM »

"To the extent you’re using the “oh no, Dusty is going to destroy pitchers” line of attack on him, you’re about a decade out of date."
Thanks.  Read the article.  Note that it was written in May 2011.  I look at Imref's post right after that and see 4 guys throwing 200 innings and a 5th throwing 180 in 2012 and think that's some indication of a willingness to push starters too hard.  I said expect Scherzer and Stras to throw 230 innings next year, which might not be a bad thing short term, because of pattern of throwing a lot of starters deep.  Scherzer went 228 this year, without much objection from Williams, so I don't see Baker as putting his foot down on the brake on that.  Stras has gone over 200 innings in 2014, so I expect him to throw more, barring a health problem.  Cueto's use is a better comp that Arroyo and Harang because Strasburg is more of an ace type than an innings eater like those other guys.  Basically, Dusty threw Cueto when he was healthy.  Not expecting an injury, knowing Stras is in his year before walking, 230 would not surprise me. 

I don't see that Baker's handling of pitchers was out of line.
Look at those innings for 3d starters.  Whatever happened to Leake, Bailey, and Latos?  Would you give him the keys to Giolito?