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Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
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Well, expect Strasburg and Scherzer to throw 230 innings each next year.  Maybe that is a good thing if you think this team has a very short horizon and you want to go full Mets now.  But you can bet that Scherzer gets a sore arm before the end of his contract because there is no way Dusty is going to force Scherzer to save bullets and rest when he needs to.

He managed Kent and Bonds.  Maybe he can manage Papelbon and Bryce.

Speaking of Bryce, this crud about him being able manage superstars makes me wonder if this guy will become Bryce binky.

"To the extent you’re using the “oh no, Dusty is going to destroy pitchers” line of attack on him, you’re about a decade out of date."