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Re: Fire Dusty Baker!
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It's funny when posters claim they know things about Nats players attitudes--like they text with them all regularly.

Do you go out to talk to players each season?  I make a point of talking to as many players as possible.  7-8 years ago I talked to a player who I don't really want to name, and he was very open, I asked him, "So is this the best team you've played on?" and he just looks down and says, "No, [my last team] were a much tighter team and we got to go all the way to the WS."  And he didn't seem to have any problem with giving me real answers about the Nats flaws.  I mean he was no Christian Guzman or John Lannan, but he was on the team. 

I don't pretend to speak for them, but to suggest that it's impossible to talk to them... you just haven't maximized your friends in the  organization.  I remember when Terrance Briscoe saw me with my kids at a Nats Fest and just said, "Oh I know you guys!" 

I don't expect to talk to Werth or Harper, but I've had decent conversations with Fister, Suzuki, Clippard, Storen, etc.