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Re: Fire Dusty Baker!
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most nats players are upset about dusty being fired

it was idiotic to go into the playoffs without renewing dusty just another bs thing hanging over the players during the playoffs FOR NO REASON!!!

rumors that boras was involved i mean is he the real gm/president of this team after all

verlander and darvish are pitching in the world series we had gio starting lol

this is a dysfunctional team not signing relievers in the offseason and firing dusty in this gutless manner they will never amount to anything

how do you let an agent run your team enjoy another year of wieters ugh

Read the article by Jon Heyman today. Anything other than ownership letting him walk because he wasn't able to get the team past the first round is wild speculation and utter horsecrap. The players shouldn't play worse because their "guy" doesn't have a contract. That is garbage. Gio pitched Game 5 because Dusty put him out there, and didn't pull him early enough because Dusty wanted him to "get out of it". Rizzo traded for three guys who locked down the bullpen even after signing Wieters. Although Wieters committed errors, how about no one on the coaching staff challenging the dead ball in Game 5?

There are no behind the scenes motives on this. Dusty was brought in to manage a dynamite team and get them  done the NLDS. He didn't do that and there are quite a few faults of his own why that didn't happen. Move on.