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Re: Fire Dusty Baker!
« Reply #1525: October 23, 2017, 09:39:44 AM »
I felt Dusty needed to be released.  What bothers me is how it was handled.  The Lerners kept him around town for more than a week and then when Dusty returns to CA - they tell him he's nbot coming back.   They owed it to Dusty to tell him face to face. That is bush league ownership!

The Saturday local talk shows on FM-106.7 really ripped the Lerners for their timing of this move - both on the matter of waiting a week to sack him (when it looked like a new deal was all-over-but-the-signing) but also the larger issue of Rizzo's contract expiring after next season (along with, of course, certain A-list players of ours).