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Re: Fire Dusty Baker!
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Ron Gardenhire is probably who they should have hired but even he knew taking over the dumpster fire in Detroit was a better gig than getting dicked around by the Lerners. Again, the only person willing to take on this job is someone with nothing to lose that just wants one last paycheck. The Bud Black fiasco is going to make anyone with options give a hard pass.

I think that they could have gotten Gardenhire, but he had already been hired by the time it was announced Dusty wasn’t coming back. So they lost out on people because they waited too long. But if you’re firing people for losing in the playoffs, I’m not sure why you would go after Gardenhire.

The way they let Dusty go was loathsome. Im not sure what new info came up between Game 5 and Friday when they let him go. Dusty basically had to call Rizzo and ask if he needed to renew the lease on his apartment.

I know the general consensus on this board is that Dusty is a buffoon. But he is well respected among players and other coaches and managers. The Lerner’s treatment of him will definitely affect their ability to attract top talent.