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Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
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Much of the Dusty hate is way overblown - the more I read about him the less I think he'll be awful. Handling prickly clubhouses seems to be a forte, that could be very useful - who knows.

Seems silly to think one shortened quote taken out of context could be a life long meme

Stranger things have happened, I guess.

The real issue here  to me is how all this went down - I'm so over DC Sports Clown Shows - it's tiresome

I don't even know what quote you're talking about, my problem with Dusty is he's never gotten it done and he's had three separate teams to do it with-he's had more than enough chances to prove he can manage a team to a championship and quite simply hasn't been able to do it- I wanted a fresh, new face, not the "tried and true, can get us to the playoffs and then lose" manager-we've been there and done that :(