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Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
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No, that you need to look at the numbers. Sometimes numbers go against eachother. Conventionally, higher OBP needs to be at the top of the order. However, looking at the numbers, for some reason when they didn't put Escobar up top, they played like crap. That's all the correlation you need: look at the numbers, find out what you did that gave you good numbers and what you did when you played like crap, and do whatever made you win instead. Given a large sample size and the numbers, go with whatever gives you the best result. I have a strong feeling Michael A Taylor at the top of the lineup did not help the Nats like Escobar did with the Royals.

It doesn't help to be a slave to the numbers, but it doesn't help to be ignorant of them and just go by feel all the time either.

This is a troll account, right?  What you just posted made so little sense I'm starting to believe that you're PowerBoater69.