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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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Who in the MLB is faster than Turner? Billy Hamilton? The Nats barely play the Reds but everyone time Billy Hamilton drops in a blooper or gets lucky finding a gap I just get being angry watching him completely screw with our entire pitching staff and defense's mind over on first. We now have a guy who will get on base much more consistently and do the same thing. I love it. I think he eventually steals 50 bases and we now know he can play three spots up the middle which gives the Nats a ton of flexibility as long as he is around.

I think he is our leadoff hitter for a long, long time. That's an easy prediction. But is it ridiculous to hope he eventually puts up a 2015 Dee Gordon season? .333/.359/.418 with 58 stolen bases? I don't know if Turner ever wins a Gold Glove, but he also probably would do better than Gordon's 20 times caught stealing.

Game changer.

You can also tell that he and Davy are putting in alot of work with each other.