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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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Who in the MLB is faster than Turner? Billy Hamilton? The Nats barely play the Reds but everyone time Billy Hamilton drops in a blooper or gets lucky finding a gap I just get being angry watching him completely screw with our entire pitching staff and defense's mind over on first. We now have a guy who will get on base much more consistently and do the same thing. I love it. I think he eventually steals 50 bases and we now know he can play three spots up the middle which gives the Nats a ton of flexibility as long as he is around.

I think he is our leadoff hitter for a long, long time. That's an easy prediction. But is it ridiculous to hope he eventually puts up a 2015 Dee Gordon season? .333/.359/.418 with 58 stolen bases? I don't know if Turner ever wins a Gold Glove, but he also probably would do better than Gordon's 20 times caught stealing.

Game changer.