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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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I see why you think that. But everything is the long view. He is managing a season not a game. Consider the game in which Harper rested, then tied it up with that pinch hit homer, then didn't stay in the game. Heisey ended up the hero, but Dusty took some heat for not leaving Harper in. He said he promised Harper he could have his rest day because he remembered leaving Barry Bonds out one time and it ended up a marathon game. He kept his promise because he promised. You see a tactical error. I see a guy who wants a team there who will run through a wall for him in October, when he does have to go full tactician and make hard decisions. We can agree to disagree, but this is the marathon, not the sprint.

Agree on the marathon not sprint theory, but for the same reason you mentioned let's bring up that same case where he managed for the day not the season... Papeldouche and Kelley I am sure both pitched their third consecutive day and it was our undoing today. In recent starts from little gio and Lopez we needed middle relief and he put one inning relievers in that spot when petit hadn't featured and then in last nights game he brought petit in after papelbon had crapped all over himself.

As I said likeable guy and he commands respect I just feel he is a poor decision maker