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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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I just want him in the lineup, don't care where. Espi has been stinking again, he can play there as well at least once a week

Usual lineup:

Turner CF
Werth LF
Murphy 2B
Ramos C
Harper RF
Rendon 3B
Zimmerman 1B
Espinosa SS

Espinosa sits once a week with Revere getting in there and Turner playing SS

Zimmerman sits twice a week, once with Revere in CF, Turner at 2B, and Murphy on 1B, the other with Robinson swapping in.

Werth sits twice a week, once for Revere, once for Heisey.

Rendon or Murphy sits once a week in total, with Drew getting in there.

Trea sits once a week for Revere.

Resulting starts per 14 games:

Harper 14
Turner 12
Murphy 13
Rendon 13
Zimmerman 10
Werth 10
Espinosa 12
Revere 6
Heisey 2
Robinson 2
Drew 2
Catchers same as ever.