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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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I doubt that would rub off. LHBs generally prefer low pitches naturally, especially a batter like Murphy who is a natural right hander but bats lefty. The lower pitch means his dominant hand and arm get to do more work, opposed to a higher pitch which requires more top hand effort.

It's the second part of this statement that created the myth in the first part.  Turner just generally needs to get more comfortable on low stuff, especially down and in.

This. He's fine handling stuff in the zone, but the low stuff (especially breaking balls low and inside) seem to be an issue for him. Only reason I joked about Murph is that he's great at dropping his hands to make contact, while keeping his body relatively upright. It's an ugly swing at times, but he makes contact and good things happen. Trea should always do the same with that speed.