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Re: Trea Turner Appreciation Station
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Espinosa's first 9 games (31 PAs):

.310/.355/.724, 3 HR, 3 2Bs, 10 RBIs, 2 BBs, 5 Ks

Let's pump the brakes. It's not going to be hard to forget about Desmond regardless of who is playing shortstop next season.

Also I don't get the concern over the arm strength, at least yet. He's 22. He has an offseason to eat Wheaties and practice stronger throws from short.

wrong.  horrible comparison.  espinosa hit around .260 in A and AA.  Turner hit .323 or so last year in low A and .322 this year in AA and AAA.  Two competely different plyaers, and Turner will soon be the 3rd or 4th more iomportant hitter on the team.