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Who should replace FR?
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
I read your post four times to try and figure why the hell you even mentioned anything at all about Canadians...

The only reason I said that is because Canadians wouldn't have the same amount of love for Frank Howard as we have here in Washington.  If you can think of an ex-player that is LOVED by the fans of Montreal and were to suggest him to Washingtonians they would probably not have the same feelings as you have for him.  That's what I meant.  Nothing more.  

I know you respect what he did.  But Hondo is the Yogi Berra of Washington...he's a legend to us.  And besides, almost ALL managers are players from the past.  If you don't want to hire him because he's old then fine, or because he's never managed a major league team that's fine too.  But he's certainly qualified and I'd rather not disqualify him just because he was a star player from the past.