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Who should replace FR?
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Well I understand how Canadians would be less enthusiastic.  But the 70 year old thing isn't compelling at all.  After all Jack McKeon didn't do so bad back in 2003.  And Bobby Cox isn't exactly a whipper-snapper either.  Hondo is in NO WAY inexperienced,  he's been managing minor league baseball since his retirement.

And anybody who suggests Jimy Williams better be prepared for a worse odd-ball management style than Frank!  That guy is certifiable!  He had the the Red Sox players so frustrated he nearly caused the players to go on strike.  Houston figured that out after a similar experience and finally unloaded him.

I read your post four times to try and figure why the hell you even mentioned anything at all about Canadians...

Anyway, I saw Williams in a TV interview last year, and he admitted he did things all wrong and he learned from it. He's not a nut case, and discounting his actions with the Red Sox, he's more qualified to manage a team than Frank Robinson or Frank Howard. Suggesting Howard is living too much in the past.

I should go back and edit my list, and insert Barry Larkin in there, but I'm not sure I want another Ex Cincinnati Red running things...