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Who should replace FR?
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Quote from: "Senators2005"
Well I understand how Canadians would be less enthusiastic.  But the 70 year old thing isn't compelling at all.  After all Jack McKeon didn't do so bad back in 2003.  And Bobby Cox isn't exactly a whipper-snapper either.  Hondo's is ANYTHING but inexperienced.  He's been managing minor league baseball since his retirement.

And anybody who suggests Jimy Williams better be prepared for a worse odd-ball management style than Frank!  That guy is certifiable!  He had the the Red Sox players so frustrated he nearly caused the players to go on strike.  Houston figured that out after a similar experience and finally unloaded him.

I don't think its a canadian thing, just think its a MLB managerial experience thing (tho obviously only those who watched Hondo with the Senators really appreciate him for what he was).

I agree with you 100% on Jimmy Williams. I'd rather see almost anyone as manager. I thni Ernie Witt nailed him pretty accurately in his long ago book and I don't think Williams has learned much since then.

One guy who you maybe got to consider is Tim Foli. I dunno how much the fact he's managing the Nats AAA club is gonna matter to new owners-GM - probably zero - but he's doing a pretty good job, was the kind of player who is usually thought of as making a good manager and maybe deserves a shot.

I would prefer him to a big name "has been" anyway and I would definitely prefer him to Williams.