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Who should replace FR?
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Few guys I would look at:

Hal McRae.
Good record with some not very good KC teams (over .500 record 3 of 4 years). Dismal with D-Rays but then that ain't stopping anybody from wanting Sweet Lou.

Definite problem adjusting to managing in KC coming off his playing career (seemed to be one of those great players who had a hard time accepting that not everybody on the roster could play like him) but that's quite awhile ago. He's mellowed.

Still in baseball as a hitting coach and just turned 60. I think the KC blowups are fixed in peoples mind which is why he isn't managing but that's ancient history.

Bob Brenly
WS in 2001 (He definitely had the horses but he also managed extremely well). over .500 in 2002, 2003.
Younger than a lot of possibles at 54. Why wouldn't you look at this guy?

Tony Pena
Hey! He did get a very poor KC team to .512 in 2003. Could be the Ozzie Guillen of 2006.

Cito Gaston (sentimental favourite for me, probably nobody else).
Guy won two world series with TO. The subsequent failure of the Jays had more to do with the front office than him. 61 years old and available.