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Who should replace FR?
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um... how about Frank Robinson, Lou Pinella is a nut head. ANd FR is the only one that could get along with Jose Guillen. He's a flipping hall of famer come on. When we were winning u guys didnt have any problems with him, come on give him a chance!!!

The problem with Frank (and I remember him from the O's miracle season back in '89 as well) is that...

a.) He has a terrible habit of needlessly alienating certain players, and of developing inexplicable prejudices against certain others.  Case in point: Brendan Harris.  This is simply unacceptable when you're in a do-or-die pennant race.  

b.) He makes a heck of a lot of inexplicable in-game decisions.  I mean, have you forgotten all those nutty substitutions and unnecessary out-eating sacrifice bunts?  

c.) It seems he's encouraged a very, very bad habit in the team: playing hurt, to be 'tough' and 'play through the pain.'  It's this attitude which has arguably reduced Jose Guillen's power, which made Ryan Church come back too early (he's swinging through pain right now - he should have waited until he was 100%) and which has rendered Vinny Castilla useless.

For the record, I think Piniella is the no-brainer choice.  Unless we go to the playoffs, I suspect he will be managing the Nats next year.  At least, I hope he is.  I like the fiery, nutty type.

Here are a few problems with your theory
1) we WILL make the playoffs
2)Lou Pinella would not work in DC, the players would hate him and so would the fans.
3)I repeat, you all are hating on FR because we are losing, once we start winning again and beat the White Sox in the World Series, all of you will be praising FR.

brilliant.  He offers actual analysis, and you just offer opinion (bad ones too).