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Re: Follow the Prospects: Andrew Stevenson, OF
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Has 8 straight hits and five hits in the last two games. No-one has done that since Clemente. Could he be better than Robles? The two them should be up by the time Harper
leaves town and Werth has retired.

Werth's contract expires after this season.  No chance of Robles being ready then.  Stevenson, maybe - but he'd need to keep raking and probably get 2 or 3 months of AAA as well.  Remember, Stevenson was in Potomac at this time last year.  That's a lot to ask for 2 years of development.  He's at least ready defensively for CF.  Robles, even on a very fast-rising timeline, is probably late 2018 at the earliest.  I assume these guys are both slated for midseason promotions this year.