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Re: Follow the Prospects: Andrew Stevenson, OF
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I hope "Billy Burns with an arm" is not too disparaging.  Burns is a starting CF whose average last I checked was still around .290.  I'm just a huge fan of Brett Butler, who played before the steroid takeover, and was hoping Stevenson would bring some walks along to be a high OBP guy.  By the way, what is the book on Stevenson's defense? 

Span is another good model, but I think of him as having more BB and a bit more HR (4 - 8 in all but 1 of his 400+ PA seasons and 5 this year in 265 PAs) power than Burns.

Stevenson's defense is elite.  Best defensive outfielder in all of college ball last year.  If his bat doesn't become less pure athlete and more natural I think he projects as a fourth outfielder, but if his swing mechanics come around I think he can be a Juan Lagares type