Author Topic: Follow the Prospects: Andrew Stevenson, OF  (Read 10503 times)

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Re: Follow the Prospects: Andrew Stevenson, OF
« Topic Start: August 19, 2015, 05:04:12 PM »
I hope "Billy Burns with an arm" is not too disparaging.  Burns is a starting CF whose average last I checked was still around .290.  I'm just a huge fan of Brett Butler, who played before the steroid takeover, and was hoping Stevenson would bring some walks along to be a high OBP guy.  By the way, what is the book on Stevenson's defense? 

Span is another good model, but I think of him as having more BB and a bit more HR (4 - 8 in all but 1 of his 400+ PA seasons and 5 this year in 265 PAs) power than Burns.