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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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That's my reasoning behind my belief of keeping him at Auburn  - confidence.

Even if he hits a bit of a slump as the season ends, he knows hes done very well in SS ball. Feel a bit over matched in a short Hagerstown stint and maybe it shakes him a bit heading into the off season. I feel it's a lot better for younger guys, in this case an 18 year old in the states for the first time, to really take their time to build their confidence. There's a lot of time for him to develop before he needs to impact the big club. Take your time.
Agreed.  Don't rush him.  Don't make him adjust to another town/league now.  Let him stay in Auburn.  He is really young, and the 5-6 other Dominicans on the team have probably made his adjustment to the States a little easier.  He can build on his success next year, starting the year in Hagerstown.

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