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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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Thanks for the update. If they are to promote him to HAG then they should do it asap. He had a great year and no point in finishing on a bad note should they promote him and if he would not have enough time to adjust. Would be good though to see what he could do in HAG but no way he starts the season in POT next year.

That's my reasoning behind my belief of keeping him at Auburn  - confidence.

Even if he hits a bit of a slump as the season ends, he knows hes done very well in SS ball. Feel a bit over matched in a short Hagerstown stint and maybe it shakes him a bit heading into the off season. I feel it's a lot better for younger guys, in this case an 18 year old in the states for the first time, to really take their time to build their confidence. There's a lot of time for him to develop before he needs to impact the big club. Take your time.