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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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That's really premature. He's doing very well in short season ball. But moving from short season to the bigs in 2 years? That's a lot to ask.

He just turned 18. They won't be that aggressive with him. If he hits Hagerstown this year (which is not certainty with just a month left in the season), he's still starting there again next year. Not Potomac. Hell be 18 to start the year with less than one full season in the states, with no experience as of yet in full season ball. Pushing him to Potomac to start next year is a stretch imo.

I agree.  Start him in Hagerstown next year, move him to Potomac when he's ready.  Then in 2017, he can play mostly in Harrisburg.  If he were on our opening day roster in 2018, he'd still only be 20.

I was in Auburn last night to see Robles.  His first at bat, he looked overmatched and struck out on the first three pitches of the game (swings and misses that weren't close).  Of course, the starter he faced was 3 years older, and had an ERA under 2.00 to start the game.  His next at bat, he dragged a but down the first base line that was a single because no one covered first.  His third AB he came up with the bases loaded and struck out. His fourth AB, he walked.  I missed his last AB, which was apparently an out, since I left at the end of the 8th inning.  What impressed me most about him was his arm.  He made strong throws to 2nd several times on deep hits to center.  On one ball that looked like an easy double coming off the bat, he fielded it cleanly around 10 feet from the wall in left center, and threw it into second. If the infielder had made a good play (scooped it up on the short hop), he could have tagged out the baserunner, since the throw arrived in plenty of time to get him.   Overall, he didn't stand out offensively as I expected him to, but it wasn't much of a sample size.