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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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From the hot sheet chat:

Warren (New London): Ben, I mostly just want to say thanks for the terrific work you do on the international market. It must be a great feeling to watch a guy like Victor Robles develop. How good could he become? Is there a player you'd compare him to?

Ben Badler: Thanks. It is cool, although I imagine it’s much cooler for Johnny DiPuglia and the Nationals’ international scouts who signed him. There’s risk in any 18-year-old, especially one who hasn’t faced his first full-season test there, but he checks off all the boxes you’re looking for between the bat speed, hitting ability, strike-zone awareness for his age, athleticism, speed and arm all at a premium position. Usually you’re looking at a player who has either premium tools or a high baseball IQ, but Robles gives you both in one player, along with game performance that’s been happening going back to last year in the DSL and this year in extended spring training before he started tearing up the GCL and the NY-Penn League. The tools he has are what you see from the stars on TV. That’s a pretty sweet upside to have, which is why he’s got a chance to be their best prospect within a year or so once Turner and Giolito graduate.