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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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Never say never, but man, it's the end of June and he hasn't even gone to AA yet.  I suppose maybe he comes up if he hits the cover off it in AA and multiple outfielders are hurt (beyond the two already out, that is) but otherwise it seems pretty unlikely.
I'll say never on this one.  There is literally no reason to rush him right now.  Our outfield is set until at least 2019 (Goodwin or Taylor slot in for Werth next season).  The best way to kill a great prospect is to rush him so the only justification for rushing a prospect is a major need for a team with World Series aspirations.  This situation does not fit at all.  The kid is 20 years old with all the potential in the world.  The Nats would be insane to rush him now.