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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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do teams have prospects jump over AA anymore?  I mean, way back, I think the Red Sox did this for either Mike Greenwell or Ellis Burks (30 years ago, but both had decent careers).

It seems to me that more teams are having guys skip AAA these days than AA, and I'd be cautious with a guy who is so young and potentially so good.  But I'm not in charge, so maybe they'll do that.   

It's not a bad thing that Alec Keller is the one keeping CF warm in AA, either - he's a fringe-type prospect who might have 4th-OF potential but really only if he can play CF.  He's also a little old for a prospect, so one possibility would be to move him up to AAA and see if he can handle it (hitting OK but not great in AA) while evaluating whether he has the range for CF.  Sink or swim, basically.

Stevenson comes back down to AA and plays both LF and RF to get him reps there until he's ready to go back up offensively.