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Re: Follow the Prospects: Victor Robles, OF
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On the wrist, too.  He shook it around a good amount but stayed in and stole two bases - one on the first pitch, the second on a really well-executed delayed steal the next time around.  He needs to learn to turn the other way on those inside fastballs that are going to hit him: he turned right into the pitch, and he should count himself lucky that the guy was throwing mostly 88-90, not 95.  Did pretty well in CF despite losing a ball in the sun.  At the plate, there wasn't much to speak of.  Besides the HBP he had 2 walks (I think one was 4 pitches and the other 5), a bunt single to the 1B side, and a strikeout that shouldn't have counted (foul tip that hit the ground before the catcher gloved it). 

Very nice. Sounds like you're getting to a fair amount P-Nat games, huh? I'm wondering if the injury is still hurting him, especially turning his wrists? Does he crowd the plate a ton? The videos I've seen he definitely does, but I'm wondering if that's changed after the injury?

There's not too much top talent in Potomac right now, but I wouldn't mind hearing more on guys like O. Abreu, Carey, Crownover, Keller, Schrock, etc... in the general minors thread!