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Re: The Joe Ross Appreciation Thread
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To put Stras in context, his ERAs over his first five seasons are better than Scherzer's.

The discussion is getting out of hand when one can say that Ross (or virtually anyone) is better than a GOOD Strasburg.  Please, people, try to remember how good a GOOD Strasburg is.  Trouble is we haven't seen the good Strasburg this season.

How good Joe Ross can be cannot be evalauted until he's had at least 8 starts.  (8 is arbitrary, maybe 6, maybe 10.  And I'll go with 10. I have seen a number  of pitchers in my time who were the next Sandy Koufax, until they had 10 starts and were never heard from again.)

   Yeah, Ross is pitching better than Strasburg right now.   But Strasburg is a proven #1 and I strongly suspect that he will be a much bigger factor in our success this season than Joe Ross.