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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
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oh well, i guess i can repsect that, but if we were still in the ame and ahd a chacne at a comeback, i would've been mad with that act of discipline

The score was 0-0 as it was Church's first AB.  Everyone wondered if he was hurt or sick and CBS Sportsline posted a Fantasy note that he'd been taken out with no explanation.  It's hot, he plays CF and maybe he was trying to preserve his energy - but he gave no excuses when asked, and didn't look upset in the dugout when he was removed, and neither did Manny. 

Acta also complimented Jerome Williams for staying out there when he was asked, despite the shelling.  With  tommorrow a travel day, I wondered why we didn't give the team more of a chance to win by getting JW out of there.