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Beating the shift?
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Fascinating article:

The first time a left-handed hitter steps into the batter’s box and sees the infield defense shifted radically toward the right side, it can be jarring. No longer is it just batter against pitcher, as it has been from nearly the first time he picked up a bat.

Now, an at-bat becomes a calculus: How do I win when the deck is stacked?

As shifts have become commonplace, and increasingly sophisticated with some adjustments made pitch to pitch, it can turn into an existential question.

Yes, it is possible to adjust and hit away from the fielders, perhaps even bunt — it was Wee Willie Keeler who said his objective was to hit ’em where they ain’t. But is making such a fundamental change an unwise concession, improving a shortcoming at the cost of weakening a strength? Many variables seem to factor into the decision of how to react to the shift, among them a hitter’s power, swing path, personality and experience, and the dimensions of the ballpark.

Two successful hitting approaches have been taken this season by Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira and Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas, who will share a stage beginning Monday at Yankee Stadium. And they have done it in starkly different ways.


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Re: Beating the shift?
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Thanks, welch!