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Re: Michael Taylor superstar
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also,its not like he is knocking the cover off the ball but just cant field anymore. hes reaching the point where he just sucks. if he is bad all year, we will have to pay his freight to trade him, he is too old for teams to hope for a turnaround and give up anything real. we all knew this was a possibility, it may soon be upon us. but we will have rendon and harper so it will all be ok
He has started badly this season but has had the second best WAR on the team both of the last two seasons, by Fangraphs number.

One of the Nats bloggers made the point over the offseason had Werth put up his 2012-2014 numbers on another team and the Nats over the offseason had signed him to a 3 year, $63 million contract it wouldn't be viewed that terribly for a contending team.

Werth has been doing a bit better last couple weeks. Raised his batting average up above the mendoza line. Unless he is still sitting at 2011 Werth numbers in July and August, I'm not worried.