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Re: Michael Taylor superstar
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I still have trouble with the whole 'clutch' thing.  I think it's one of the quintessential areas where confirmation bias will entrench that view of someone regardless of the evidence.

ie MAT is clutch, so any time he doesn't deliver in a high pressure situation it's 'a good ballplayer still fails at the plate 7 out of 10 times' while someone not clutch (Harper haters, I'm looking at you) gets 'Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.'

The number of situations where 'clutchness' applies are just too darned statistically small to mean anything.  How many PAs in a season does a guy have where 'clutch' is a factor?  I'm sure Baseball Almanac or one of the other stat mining sites can spit out the statistical average number of times a season a player comes to the plate with RISP and 2 outs, team behind by at least one but no more than three runs, and compare the BA for the league as a whole in that situation to any given individual, but while that will give you a statistically significant average for MLB as a whole, I think it's just too small for anyone given batter to make any conclusion.