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Re: Nationals vs. Phillies, Game 2
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oh cool, good for you, you should try to be part of the nats pack or get in with the club some how. even if its an internship or volunteer or something, get as much as you can! i would try contacting masn, see what they can do about getting you in the press box!! i would work it now, that way you're ahead of the game. holding up awesome Z signs are not going to get you a job behind the scenes. start bugging people for a job, even if its PT and you're doing if for free!!

She can start the Ryan Zimmerman Fan Club.  RZ should be making a lot more money from endorsements than his salary, if he really is "the face of the team."  That's one we can keep him here for a long time.  If he has a pile of local endorsement contracts, going to another team isn't going to bring those contracts with him.  The Nationals players don't seem to have agents who are doing much along those lines.