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How to set up a quick game day thread
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Nats2Playoffs has a helpful suggestion on how to set up a quick game day thread if there is less than 1/2 hour before the game.  This is not a standard format for all threads.  If there are tips for more elaborate ones, post that here too. But for now, if we get into a situation where we don't have one up and it is late, use this one.


The easiest way to create one this close to first pitch:

1. Go to Mark Zuckerman's excellent Nats Insider:
2. Click on Read more > on his headlined Game # for this game:
3. Copy and then paste from the team names down to the last lineup position.  (You can even add the umpires now.) It has broadcast information, time of game both lineups, and weather.
4. You can even right click and copy his photo of the ball field.

To post one earlier, grab the daily lineup from Rotowire:

(Image removed from quote.) (Image removed from quote.)
Remember to have 4 days rest between GDT starts, just like the pitchers.