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Re: Nationals Park Questions
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Alright, where can I find the bloody mary with meat straw?  This I've GOT to have.

...At a recent Washington National's baseball game in D.C., meat straws were prominently displayed at a "make-your-own-Bloody-Mary" bar in one of the luxury lounges.

Jonathan Stahl, executive director of ballpark operations and fan experience for the Nationals, demonstrates a meat straw in action, using it to stir horseradish into the Bloody Mary mix.

"As you can see, it comes straight through the meat straw," says Stahl, taking a gulp to demonstrate. "There you go."

The straw infuses each sip with a hint of meaty, umami flavor. And by the time imbibers have finished guzzling the drink, the meat straw is well-soaked in Bloody Mary and ready for snacking. Stahl says they've been a hit.

"We couldn't get them one time, and so people were asking where the meat straws were," says Stahl. "We never have a Bloody Mary bar unless we have the meat straws available now."