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Re: Nationals Park Questions
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How's the metro this year? Going to first game this year, and I haven't rode the train in three years or so.

Don't want to drive there anymore since traffic always progressively worsens, and I'd assume the same is true for the green line.

Went to the game Sunday and it was a long day on the train.    Weekend schedule affected the timing of the trains.    We took the Green Line in (waited about 10 minutes at L'Enfant to transfer) but walked to Captiol South post game to avoid the crowds.    We avoided the crowds but waited 30 or so minutes for an Orange Line train.    Other than the timing of the off Green trains, it wasn't a bad ride.    Weekday should be a little less time consuming.

The good news is parking was free at WFC and the fares are less.    Plus, I have a Senior SmartTrip card.    Didn't realize the savings.   Should have gotten one sooner.    Gave the missus the regular SmartTrip card.    She thinks it's the crapz.