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Re: Nationals Park Questions
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I was talking to the usher at the Diamond Club before the last home game (the Monday make-up game that was almost empty) and he told me that a lot of the player's friends and family sit in the club. He knew that Harper was going to sit that game before the "suspension" was announced because Bryce's mother had told him the day before that Harp was going to get the day off. Harper's agent was there, looking more than a little overly Euro, he was on his phone 100% of the time while moving from seat to seat. Seems like people pay less attention to the games when the seats are comped.

Hopefully they are expanding the main club rather than making the overflow club permanent. They really need to add bathrooms that are exclusive for club ticket holders, it really sux having to mix with the general public.

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At least we have quality pissboys up in the Club.