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Re: Nationals Park Questions
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oh, yes.  The complaint from MG was about Shawarfel, and Max's is completely different.  I guess it is a matter of taste. BiL loves Shawarfel.  Shawarfel has some other interesting things, like a fried cauliflower roll up and a mixed sandwich with both falafel and shawarma, I think.  I prefer the bigger stuffed pitas to the roll ups, and just really love the pickles and veggies at Max's.

Max's upped their game after Schwafel came into the park. Max's used to serve cold falafel but no more.

To me the combination of condiments at Schwafel is more more interesting and authentic than Max's. And the Schwafel sandwich is actually bigger because it's rolled vs stuffed. And it's easier to eat too.

But to each his own. I visit both often because I'm a falafel lover.