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Re: Nationals Park Questions
« Topic Start: June 04, 2015, 05:59:11 PM »
Two different stands. Max's place is great, however, I've never had much luck at the Shawafel place.
I have noticed, however, that Max's has a whole new crew this year, and that the run out of Shawarma's by about the 3rd inning.

oh, yes.  The complaint from MG was about Shawarfel, and Max's is completely different.  I guess it is a matter of taste. BiL loves Shawarfel.  Shawarfel has some other interesting things, like a fried cauliflower roll up and a mixed sandwich with both falafel and shawarma, I think.  I prefer the bigger stuffed pitas to the roll ups, and just really love the pickles and veggies at Max's.