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Re: Nationals Park Questions
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Mods - We should probably have a sticky thread for questions/discussions related to the park.

Wanted to share some thoughts on my visit from this past Saturday's game, the one game where the Nats didn't show up to play in the last three weeks or so.  The place was sold out.  Our seats were in section 134.  Bought them on stub hub for about $45 a ticket the day before the game (face value is $65).

Random comments:
- 4 PM game, the sun was in our face from about 6 PM until it ended around 6:50
- great views
- love the fact that they display the walk-up music title on the scoreboard as they play it
- Harper's "the best is yet to come" by Frank Sinatra and "earned it" were easily the two best walkup songs
- lines were long at the hot dog stands, but seemed to move well.  The gourmet sandwich stand behind 136 had no line, ever
- sitting in the center seats in a section is something i'll try to avoid in the future
- parked in the lot behind the 7-11 for $25, but we had to leave a key as it was filling up and they were putting cars into the aisles
- CF gate entrance line was enormous, we walked down to the LF entrance and didn't have a long wait.  The 3B gate line looked even shorter
- the new team store is really really poorly designed, there's an entrance near the CF gate, and an exit on the other side of the store.  Exiting requires you to pass through the register area where there's much confusion as to who's in line and who is trying to get out.  And if you head for the hat area to get out, you'll find you've hit a dead end and must fight through the crowd in the middle of the store to make it to the outside
- Ray Knight was hanging out talking to fans in the CF gate area, posing for pictures, and signing autographs about 25 minutes after games end.
- I still can't believe I paid $10 for a can of beer
- The all-beef hot dogs were atrocious, they tasted as if they had been cooking since the previous night.  I should have waited a bit longer for Ben's, but that line was insane.
- the Hawaiian shave ice looked really good
- I hate losing to Cole Hamels.

Anyone know what they are doing with the old team store?