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Re: Nationals vs. Braves, Game 2
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3 fly balls right to the outfielders.. Yeah, I'm sure the Nats' players are sure happy that they lost by 2 runs.  Dmitri looks absolutely livid and he ought to be.  Good teams find ways to win games.  This team was given golden opportunity after golden opportunity and still lost the game.   Oh well, Can't be too mad since they split the series.  We have to win 3 of the next 5 against Philly and Florida. 

And whadda ya know, Bob and Don completely agree with me in the post game.  "Smoltz was knocked out of the game after giving up 4 runs and the Braves normally good defense committed 3 costly errors.  You would think that Nats would have won but they did not."
Its always tough to take a loss but once again, they battled against a pretty good NL East rival and didn't back down.  A few pitches gone a little more our way then this one might of swung in our favor.
The thing is, everything went our way all game and we still lost.  Whatever, Like I said, I'm not too pissed that we lost this game although the opportunities were there.  Let's beat the Phils tomorrow!