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Did anyone watch High Profits on CNN?  About a couple who opened a medical marijuana dispensary on Main St. in Breckenridge a few years ago banking on pot becoming legal soon, and then it did.  They filmed them right before it became legal and in the few days after, also filmed city council meetings where they want to kick them out of their prime Main Street location "to protect the tourists and their families" or some such nonsense, despite the fact that the rest of the street is basically all bars. Having just been in Colorado I know the state hasn't devolved into reefer madness but it's still a cool look at what these kind of pioneering people are having to go through, I'm not sure how many episodes there are but it seems to be a recurring series, hopefully this helps other states take the same steps Colorado has.   

MSNBC ran a series of shows this past fall, Pot Barons of Colorado.  I discovered that I went to high school with one of the Barons.